Saturday, January 24, 2009

big boy

Guthrie had his 7 month birthday yesterday and somehow 7 sounds so big. He's surprising and delighting us with new tricks every day: saying, "dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada," (but no mamamamama yet), reaching up to be picked up and squeezing tightly, rolling around all over the place and leaning from a sitting position into a crawl position (but no movement yet, mostly faceplants), really really playing with his toys, eating all sorts of yummy food, becoming interested in certain books more than others, laughing a silly cough-ish laugh. On top of all these fun things, he's just super sweet and honestly fun to be around.
Ok- this kid is crazy. EVERYTHING goes in the mouth, nothing is impossible. Even this giant exercise ball that we were playing with today. Somehow Guthrie managed to slobber all over it, while making slapping, sucking noises. Strange bird.
What's a rotary phone? Didn't they use those in, like, the '20's or something?Mmmmmm. Peas for his inauguration meal.
Hooray! Obama's now our president!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First snow

It snowed a whopping 2" on Tuesday, which consequently, shut down the schools. That's what happens in the south where it snows only every few years. It was great, though, because that meant that Brian could stay home with us and watch the inauguration. I couldn't help but think that the snow was symbolic: like a clean slate. We're hopeful. Guthrie was rather disinterested in the snow. "Eh, big deal Dad."
But he did, of course, enjoy a snowy swing ride.

More pictures with cats

I can't resist taking pictures of Gus with our kitties. He just gets so excited when they're around and let him touch them.
The other day Posey had enough and swatted him on the head (no claws, don't worry). Guthrie just laughed. Uh oh. Watch out kitties, it's going to be a rough couple of years once he can chase you!
For now, we'll stick to cuddling.


Just kidding!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boy genius?

Ummmm....maybe Juliard will need to wait a couple years until Johann Sebastian Guthrie can figure out which way to hold a piano.

Mama's hat

After yanking my hat off, Guthrie decided to give it a try for himself...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Up on her throne

Guthrie loves our cats, Parker and Posey. Loves loves loves them. He always shouts this squeally laugh when he sees them and likes to, ummmm....we'll say, pet them if he's close enough. They're incredibly tolerant and don't seem to mind too much, but Posey's a bit smarter than Parker at staying a safe distance, while still satisfying her curiosity of this crazy miniature human.
Oh my gosh mom- it's a KITTY!

New swing

Need some album cover art? We recently attached a swing for Guthrie (thanks Alyssa!) to the porch of the studio and he loves it! Although windy, the weather's been nice enough to be outside a bit, so we try to get out at least once a day for a nice swing.

This picture makes it seem like he's going super high (maybe to Guthrie it is), but it's not really.
Wow, this is fun.
And finally, of course, nothing is safe from the chew monster- and even though it's hard to tell, this is mid-swing. This kid has amazing capacity to chew in all settings.

(Un)tasty green mush & total cuteness

We've been trying all sorts of new foods lately: cereal, sweet potato, banana, avocado, green beans, carrots, and tonight: peas. Some have gone over better than others. You could surely guess.

Maybe if I'm eating my bib, I could avoid the spoonful of green...
Oh, man!
Heh heh. Somehow this whole process is just plain funny!If this guy is not the cutest, I just don't know who is (this statement, of course, excludes your own kids if you have some). Ooooo- I just want to squeeze those cheeks and folds!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Home (Ohio home) for the holidays

Brian, Guthrie and I travelled to Cinci for a great week-long visit at home in Ohio. My dad worked really hard to get the basement room ready and cozy for us for our time at the Roush's (thanks!)- we have plush arrangements at both the Roush and Sanders' houses! Time was filled with games, talking, hanging out by the fire (my personal favorite- Guthrie liked it too), and resting. Oh, and eating lots of Skyline!

I feel that it's important to start this post with this picture as proof that kids don't really need toys: here's Mr. Man surrounded by all sorts of goodies and what is he playing with? A measuring cup, of course! He really liked opening presents- tearing paper and trying to eat it. While he got some cool stuff that he's enjoyed since, I think we could've just wrapped empty boxes and let him go to town.
Checking out the jack-in-the-box with dad. We were thoroughly disappointed that he wasn't scared of it and only tried to eat the surprise clown. Oooooo. More things to tear.
Checkin' out the barn animals with Aunt Rit and Granny.Oh man, is there nothing else to open?Hanging with Aunt April.Grandpa is fun!Playing puzzles with cousin Addie.Making funny faces with Uncle Scott.