Monday, August 24, 2009

Mr. Tough Stuff

So, it was bound to happen sometime- that initiation into parenthood (especially as parents of an incredibly active and adventuresome little boy)- and that time was last night: we took a late night trip to the emergency room. Poor Guthrie took a dive into his toy box after walking across his room with his milk cup in hand and his lower lip broke the fall. Little bear was so brave- he hardly even cried and proceeded to suck on an ice cube while we gathered what was needed for the hospital (BLANKIE, some extra ice, diapers, insurance card, etc.).
Over the course of the next three hours at the hospital Guthrie was completely spastic and over-energized. He proceeded to charm all the nurses, jump on the bed for 20 minutes straight and just plain be a squirm monster. The doctor concluded that he would need 3 stitches because the cut crossed over his lip line. They tried to numb the area topically first, but that didn't quite work because he kept licking the gauze, so they eventually had to make a Guthrie burrito to give him shots in his lip and then the 3 stitches.
We've been amazed by Guthrie's good spirits since his fall and can't believe how quickly he's healing. We weren't sure if he would play tentatively or change any of his actions, but this does not seem to be the case. As Brian says, "he's just plain super duper!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just some sweet pictures

A few sweet nothings about our little guy:

Almost every morning (after fambly cuddling time in our bed), Bri or I take Guthrie outside to say good morning to all the trees in the yard. This usually consists of him patting the tree, pulling a leaf if its available, making cute sounds, and then reaching for the next. G especially likes our giant oak tree in the front yard ("Johnny Oak" as named by Brian). This is always followed with time in the hammock spent cuddling, listening to/watching birds, and eventual squirming.
Every single night before we go to bed, Bri and I have to "go see that little boy." We sneak into his room and can't help ourselves from stroking his hair or cheek, covering him up with one of the 7 blankets he's pulled into bed and commenting on how beautiful/big/little he is.
As if you couldn't guess, Guthrie is a major ham. He is constantly flirting, catching people's attention in stores and restaurants and showing off. Recently friends popped in for a visit and Guthrie fully entertained the four of us literally for an hour straight (after his bedtime) by making little jokes of biting his books and then looking up and laughing, digging out that one toy in the bottom of the toy box, and just being silly.
Guthrie recently had us in stitches by doing this goofy bucket routine where he would dump all the blocks out of the bucket, put it on his head, and then start crawling around the room with it on his head. He had fun bumping into whatever was in the way: chairs, people, cats, etc. We couldn't figure out if he can see a little or if he just knows about where he's headed and goes for it.
If one of us is laying on the floor or someplace easily accessible to this little guy, he'll often come over to cuddle.
Guthrie loves reading/playing with his books. He probably spends at least one-third of his play time with them.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here he goes!

Mr. G has started to move about the world upright. He's choosing to walk to get from here to there more and more, but he's not totally convinced that it's what he wants to do all the time.

We've enjoyed watching Guthrie experiment, as his walking sometimes takes different forms: shuffling sideways, stepping with one foot only resulting in a circle and divebombing into our arms. It's been really fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lil' golfer?

One of the reasons we headed home to Ohio, besides for a big 'ole visit, was to help out with and play in the David R. Sanders Memorial Golf Tournament. Every year Brian's family hosts a tournament to benefit a great local scholarship that their family funds in memory of Brian's brother David. It awards a renewable scholarship to a deserving student from our hometown of New Richmond. The outing brings out many friends and family- golfers and non-golfers alike- it's a big reunion, and serves Dave's memory well.

The weather was a little bit crazy this year, so we forgot to bust out the camera. Of course, Guthrie was decked out in tourney wear and was cute as a button. Here he is sporting his golf digs:

I don't think that's what Tiger did with his first set of clubs.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bubble hat

Slightly fuzzy picture, but you get the point. Guthrie had his second ever bubble bath this week. I'm not sure why we hadn't thought to add bubbles until now, but it was really fun. He didn't quite know what to do with it, so he ate some (typical response for most new things!).

Future's so bright?

I know, I know. You don't even have to say it: we are too cool.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swim, drink, sleep

Last week we traveled home to Cinci for a nice long visit with family. Truthfully, Guthrie had a long visit, while Bri and I had a relatively short visit and then ran off to Boston by ourselves for a 10th anniversary trip for a few days. This allowed G to hang out with his gracious grandparents (thanks a MILLION guys!), aunts, uncles, friends and cousins. He totally had a blast (at least that's what they told us...) swimming, playing, eating and cuddling. Meanwhile, Bri and I had a blast sleeping, playing, eating and cuddling.

My mom and dad just got a new pool. It was Guthrie's first time ever in a big guy pool and he loved it. We think he was a fish in a past life. As soon as we hit the water he was immediately trying to launch out of my arms to go for a swim. He didn't mind going under one bit (not even the time he fell off the raft -oops- while my dad and I were pushing him back and forth). We were thankful that he had these good experiences in the water.

Preparing for launch...
Wa-hoooooo! (with goggles still in hand)
Safe landing.
Guthrie seems like such a big boy to us lately. He's doing all sorts of new tricks such as walking up to 6 steps (of course, not when we are saying, "come on, come here Guthrie." Guess he doesn't wanna be a dog!), saying, "Ah da" (all done) when he's finished eating or drinking, and doing several signs.

Before naps and about a half an hour before bedtime at night Mr. G. gets a small cup of milk. We've helped get him into the habit of sitting in his little chair cousin Steve made for him while drinking.

Again, drinking in his recent fashion statement: diaper and t-shirt.
Mmm. Zebras are a good pre-nap snack.
Ok, G loves all things soft- blankets, towels, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. This kid is a blanket addict. When we put him to bed, he gets his special blankie and usually one other. There is a small stack of blankets just next to his crib (purposefully placed)- every time we come in when he wakes up, magically there are up to 7 blankets in the crib with him! We finally caught him in the act- and, yes, that was how he was sleeping!