Monday, February 22, 2010

Asheboro Zoo

Yesterday was so beautiful here in NC that we just had to have a family adventure outside. Thus, we decided to head up to the Asheboro Zoo for the day. It's such an amazing place: large open spaces for groups of animals to live and graze, a wide variety of animals and plants to see, long trails to hike between each attraction.

Gosh- what a day! Guthrie was in full effect: exclaiming with glee at each new animal, blowing kisses, asking for "more more, more more" after leaving each habitat. Sammy enjoyed hanging out on Brian's chest in the carrier and slept peacefully much of the time we were there (he'll really enjoy a visit next year!).

During our visit Guthrie had his first taste of a hotdog! Yum yum. Of course he liked it.

We started and ended the day with me feeding Sammy in the car while Bri and Guthrie playing in a small wooded area at the end of the parking lot. G had so much fun collecting and stacking sticks. It's so fun to watch him enjoy the simple pleasures of being outside.

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