Wednesday, February 24, 2010

True Confessions

We own a minivan. Ok, that's actually not even the confession; here it is: I love it!

Ok, so I admit that I went kicking and screaming into the Toyota dealership. Meanwhile, Brian gently took my hand and convinced me that we were, "just going for a test drive." About an hour later we were pulling out onto the road in a 2006 Sienna. Yup, just a test alright....I was convinced that I would immediately have to dye my hair pink or blue just to counter the dramatic hit I had just taken to my already practically non-existent aura of cool.

Obviously, I've come around and my hair is still just dark blonde and needing a washing. There is hope for all you doubters: click below for a perfect example of my new impression of me as a minivan owner (minus the dual dvd players, of course!):

Hot mama!


Jason and Jeannie said...

It's amazing what you can haul in one of those things with all the seats down or out. Not just for kids! Plus, mine is getting kind of scratched/dinged up and I have to say I don't care that much. Well, a little, but it's our workhorse and going on 5 yrs old. I told the kids I plan on keeping it until it falls apart or until they get out of high school, whichever comes first. I think Lindsey was a bit horrified. Life is too short to ruin your back trying to hoist 2 kids into carseats in a smaller car. But I have to say I miss borrowing Jason's Miata (that we sold after we had a 2nd kid).

sandy s. said...

don't they call that one the 'swagger wagon'? trust me, you still have your edge :)