Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gosh, one month already?!!!

Man, it's so hard to believe that little Sammy is one month old today! Wow, the time flew. We're so enjoying getting to know Sammy more and more, and love observing the sweetness of brothers interacting.

Some fun Sammy traits: his little hands are often held in loose fists with his thumb tucked under his pointer finger. Sammy is a cuddly one and loves sleeping on our chest with his legs tucked tightly beneath him. Little Sammers is quite the resilient one as he has yet to make even a peep while Guthrie "loves" on him by: doing giant, squishing full-body hugs; not so gently poking at his face naming parts, and other various gestures.

We love you sweet boy!

ps- for some reason, blogger is uploading photos on our edit screen as text, so I can't tell which picture is what while writing. Thus, I can't provide much commentary for each picture when there's a lot.

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