Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another walk in the woods

There's a great park close by that we try to get to at least once a week. I like to throw Guthrie in the baby carrier and take a hike. Even though Guthrie may be a little bit small/young (but geez his neck is strong) to be facing outward in the carrier, I like to do it anyway so he can see all the trees and sites in the woods. Little Gus really seems to respond to all the sounds- his legs kicking wildly until he inevidably falls asleep. These were taken last Saturday, just after we got through with our walk. Instead of following some trail, we were actually following Brian along a great disc golf course. As you can see, Guthrie was blown away by Bri's amazing disc skills.
Hooray Dad!


Mama V said...

Lucas just saw Guthrie and yelled out, "He's sleeping in the sling! Like Baby Jesse!"

There you go!

Elaine Spallone said...

Lovely photo with you kissing his little head. that one is a framer!

so which park is this?

amy said...

V- Does it not just about instantly happen once you get moving!

E- Reedy Creek- we pass by your place along the way!

Jason and Jeannie said...

Sweet...I used to do an aerobics class with Lindsey in a snuggli and she'd sing and kick until she conked out. Later we'd both have sips of water out of teeny cups by the water cooler at the gym.

I finally got to Lark & Key today. Very nice. Congratulations on your Songcatcher piece! It is very nice. -Jeannie

Debby Huster said...

Hi Amy, Brian and Little Guthrie,

I am Debby Huster and I work with Grandma Debbie!
Guthrie is adorable! I can see how much he has grown! It is so great to see the stimulation you are giving him, books, Brian's guitar(so dad must be singing), the pictures, I think you are great parents. The love in your family is so great and so apparent!
Grandma Debbie had been waiting for Guthrie since I first met her. She was so excited when she found out she was going to be a grandma and now as proud as the two of you. I feel priviledged that she shared his blog with me.
Enjoy every minute as they truly do grow up way too fast.