Saturday, August 9, 2008

Introducing......Colin Michael Masto!!!

Yesterday our good friends Mike and Carrie welcomed their son Colin into the world at 1:45! We are so excited to meet this sweet little/big guy (he weighed 8lbs, 10oz- you go Carrie!) and can't wait until he and Guthrie are big enough to play together!

Proud papa Mike:
Sweet mama Carrie:
Guthrie and Colin were beside themselves with excitement to meet each other:
Best friends, best friends (even though Guthrie did try to eat Colin for a short moment).

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Jen Mecca said...

How sweet! That last photo of Guthrie and little Colin cracks me up. Please tell Carrie congradulations from me. You two Rock for having such big babies your first time "out" and not looking like you ate through your pregancy ( like I did with my 10pounder).
Those boys will have so much fun together!j