Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Moses?

Guthrie forgot that it was indeed Christmas season, and instead channeled a different biblical baby this week. In my slight desperation for a safe place to put the little man while doing laundry a couple of days ago, this basket seemed like the perfect solution (or I could've been Brian and stuck him in some appliance like the washer). Guthrie was actually quite content for some time in his cozy new home and, of course, found the handles to be quite tasty.Hey little man!Today is Guthrie's 6 month birthday- so hard to believe! What a sweet little man he's become. Recent days have been filled full of raspberries, long high-pitched squeals, play while sitting, roly poly-ness and super squirms. It's been fun to be home in Ohio and share this little guy with our families.

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