Saturday, December 6, 2008

Say cheese?

A few weeks ago I had taken some pictures to share at a meeting of artist friends who had yet to meet Guthrie. One of them asked, "He's smiling in all these pictures- is Guthrie really happy all the time or do you just take them when he's in a good mood?" Well, the truth is that Guthrie's a pretty happy dude, but, of course, he has his rough times- especially when sleepy.

The funny thing is, though, it's hard to capture him being sad: when the camera comes out, Guthrie magically puts on a happy face. It's hilarious; almost like he's trained to "say cheese!" already at 5 months old! What a funny dude. The other night Brian and I were determined to get him being fussy. After about 15 minutes of fuss, then "smiles" every time we lifted the camera, mama and papa finally won out and got a few fussy gems. Poor guy.

Unhappily smiling for the camera (but check out those eyes- we're not fooled!) Ooooo, it's startin'....Mama, why?I can't hold it together much longer....Oh, there it is!Don't worry- Guthrie went to bed shortly after this and had sweet dreams of camera flashes, sweet potatoes and his many girlfriends.


Mama V said...

Is that what you're calling your breasts these days - "girlfriends"?

That downward curled lip just breaks my heart!

I showed D. pictures of Guthrie the other day and his immediate reply was, "Whoa - what cheeks!" (Followed by, "And what a cutie!"

amy said...

Ummmmm...somedays. But in this instance, unless I had multiple boobs (or at least nipples), I meant his many adoring special women friends.