Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every morning Brian brings Guthrie in to cuddle in our bed (it's our favorite time of the day!). The other morning I went to brush my teeth and came back into our bedroom to find Parker and Guthrie snuggled up together. Parker was such a good kitty: of course Guthrie was beyond thrilled to discover a kitty next to him and proceeded to "love" on Parker, which consists of grabbing fistfuls of fur. Parker laid patiently and didn't seem to mind the haircut.
Little man.
Man, those toes look so good that Papa wants a taste too.Guthrie seemed to think it was funny to chew on a toucan. Yay! It's so fun to play on the blanket together...Oh, sweet friends...Ummmmm...can I have that ear? (That was the end of this photo session)Look mom! I can hang a horsie on the tree! (for some reason Brian insisted that I pose by the tree- it just seemed corny and funny to me)

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