Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This past weekend we had a great time with family in town for Thanksgiving: Mom, Dad, April, Addie, Lauren, Leslie, Tom and Debbie all came down from Cinci for the festivities. From Charlotte: Tom, Tammy and our friend (Guthrie's girlfriend) Jeanene also joined us. We all piled in our little kitchen (we actually fit fine as long as you didn't need to get into the fridge or out the door!) and chowed down. It was a great visit of eating, talking and relaxing. Guthrie entertained us well....Let's hope you get Papa's good vision and those glasses are only for dress-up! Hangin' with his ladies.
Mama, sweet potatoes are good!Food coma.Storing away something for later in those cheeks?Sweet cousins.
Just a last shot of playing. Guthrie's been so focused while playing lately. It's so funny to watch him be so serious about pushing those little bones from side to side.


The Mastos said...

I hope he doesn't need glasses either, but he sure looks cute in them!

Mama V said...

Those glasses kind of make him look like the cute little kid Jonathan Lipnicki from the movie Jerry Maguire.