Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Moses?

Guthrie forgot that it was indeed Christmas season, and instead channeled a different biblical baby this week. In my slight desperation for a safe place to put the little man while doing laundry a couple of days ago, this basket seemed like the perfect solution (or I could've been Brian and stuck him in some appliance like the washer). Guthrie was actually quite content for some time in his cozy new home and, of course, found the handles to be quite tasty.Hey little man!Today is Guthrie's 6 month birthday- so hard to believe! What a sweet little man he's become. Recent days have been filled full of raspberries, long high-pitched squeals, play while sitting, roly poly-ness and super squirms. It's been fun to be home in Ohio and share this little guy with our families.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best friends. Best friends?

Today Colin came over to play for a bit. So the boys chewed nicely..... Yay! Playing together is fun!
Uh oh.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Amish girl

Brian's Aunt Maryann crocheted Guthrie this beautiful hat and little button up sweater before he was born. We realized that we didn't have any pictures of him wearing these precious items so I decided to dress him up. Unfortunately, while the sweater still fits well, the hat is a bit small for Guthrie's noggin and I couldn't help but think that he looked like a little Amish girl. A really cute, sweet Amish girl with a bonnet. I like this out fit mama because it tastes so good.
More tastes.
I wonder how this part is flavored?
Just as I thought, my favorite, banana.

More seasoning....

Remeber when Brian was toughening up Guthrie for winter...well, even though we're technically not even out of fall, Brian thought he'd get a jump on conditioning Mr. Man for summer. Don't worry, Grandmas, it wasn't on....

More Parker and Guthrie

Our cat Parker is either the most tolerant or laziest kitty we've ever met. A few days ago he was resting on Guthrie's changing table and was out like a rock. I just went ahead and put Guthrie down on top of Parker to encourage him to move- of course he didn't! Guthrie didn't seem to mind the soft, fuzzy pillow either. Parker eventually jumped off- well, actually I pushed him over the edge. Crazy, lazy kitty.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every morning Brian brings Guthrie in to cuddle in our bed (it's our favorite time of the day!). The other morning I went to brush my teeth and came back into our bedroom to find Parker and Guthrie snuggled up together. Parker was such a good kitty: of course Guthrie was beyond thrilled to discover a kitty next to him and proceeded to "love" on Parker, which consists of grabbing fistfuls of fur. Parker laid patiently and didn't seem to mind the haircut.
Little man.
Man, those toes look so good that Papa wants a taste too.Guthrie seemed to think it was funny to chew on a toucan. Yay! It's so fun to play on the blanket together...Oh, sweet friends...Ummmmm...can I have that ear? (That was the end of this photo session)Look mom! I can hang a horsie on the tree! (for some reason Brian insisted that I pose by the tree- it just seemed corny and funny to me)

Checking out the tree...

My favorite guys

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Say cheese?

A few weeks ago I had taken some pictures to share at a meeting of artist friends who had yet to meet Guthrie. One of them asked, "He's smiling in all these pictures- is Guthrie really happy all the time or do you just take them when he's in a good mood?" Well, the truth is that Guthrie's a pretty happy dude, but, of course, he has his rough times- especially when sleepy.

The funny thing is, though, it's hard to capture him being sad: when the camera comes out, Guthrie magically puts on a happy face. It's hilarious; almost like he's trained to "say cheese!" already at 5 months old! What a funny dude. The other night Brian and I were determined to get him being fussy. After about 15 minutes of fuss, then "smiles" every time we lifted the camera, mama and papa finally won out and got a few fussy gems. Poor guy.

Unhappily smiling for the camera (but check out those eyes- we're not fooled!) Ooooo, it's startin'....Mama, why?I can't hold it together much longer....Oh, there it is!Don't worry- Guthrie went to bed shortly after this and had sweet dreams of camera flashes, sweet potatoes and his many girlfriends.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This past weekend we had a great time with family in town for Thanksgiving: Mom, Dad, April, Addie, Lauren, Leslie, Tom and Debbie all came down from Cinci for the festivities. From Charlotte: Tom, Tammy and our friend (Guthrie's girlfriend) Jeanene also joined us. We all piled in our little kitchen (we actually fit fine as long as you didn't need to get into the fridge or out the door!) and chowed down. It was a great visit of eating, talking and relaxing. Guthrie entertained us well....Let's hope you get Papa's good vision and those glasses are only for dress-up! Hangin' with his ladies.
Mama, sweet potatoes are good!Food coma.Storing away something for later in those cheeks?Sweet cousins.
Just a last shot of playing. Guthrie's been so focused while playing lately. It's so funny to watch him be so serious about pushing those little bones from side to side.