Thursday, May 6, 2010

A bit of a bummer

So, our house got broken into yesterday mid-morning. Dang! Not much was taken- our house would be disappointing for any burglar as most of our belongings only hold a high value sentimentally! I'm not sharing this for sympathy, but rather as a cautionary tale. Among the stolen items was our laptop which housed ALL of our pictures...over 5,000 in the last 2 years. While we do have a hard drive back-up, we haven't used it in almost a year. So, that means that our pictures, aside from what have been uploaded to the blog, are now gone. It's especially heartbreaking to me that much of Sammy's first days aren't recorded now (we were so desperately trying to avoid that 2nd child syndrome of very few baby pictures!!). On this note, once we replace the computer and our camera, we will be uploading all pictures to an online storage site and backing up on our hard drive. I know many people do this already, but let this be an encouragement to do it that much more often!


Mama V said...

Ugh! So sorry, guys! I hope you guys are doing okay!

Thanks also for the warning... I try to regularly delete and then save to disks but I easily fall behind on that task. I sometimes curse the day that digital cameras were invented! ;)

xoxo to all.

Traci said...

I'm so sorry! Thanks for that advice - - I need to do that tonight! If our computer got stolen, we'd be completely out of luck on photos. All your friends can rally and send the ones we have of Guthrie and Sammy - - between those, the blog, and your family's photos, maybe you can get close to what you had. I'm so sorry.

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