Monday, May 31, 2010

Day at the Columbia Riverside Zoo

Saturday we trekked to Columbia, SC to visit the Riverside Zoo. We had visited the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC earlier this year, so it was fun to compare the two. Seeing animals live is always a big winner in this family!

Must say that I do like our new camera! It has a great zoom function.

This zoo has a small farm-like petting zoo with llamas, cows, chickens and goats. This goofy-looking guy was loving all the attention Guthrie was pouring over him.

Behind the fence was a big-ole cow. This was Guthrie's favorite spot; we hung here for over 15 minutes. Lesson: for the time being, a farm is just as exciting as the zoo!

G's second favorite spot- the aquarium. His little nose was pressed against the glass as he squealed over the sight of the fish.

Fun day!