Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh the drama!

Yesterday afternoon Guthrie tripped outside on the sidewalk and skinned his knees. He responded with, "Ooo," as he usually does when he somehow hurts himself. Bri could immediately tell that it was a bit of a flesh wound, so he went inside for the major reinforcements: peroxide (to clean), bandaids (to protect) and stickers (to keep him from tearing off his bandaids and using them like stickers). Obviously the balance of stickers to bandaid ratio was pretty big. Most of the stickers ended up being re-stuck to the sidewalk, but at least the bandaids remained on!

Oooo. I hurt this knee.

Oh. This one too.

Where'd they go?

Wait, I'm actually totally ok.

Did you remember that I hurt my knees? I have these cool bandaids as a reminder.