Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How I know he's made of sugar and spice and everything nice

...meaning he's super sweet (not that he's a girl!):

One of Guthrie's favorite outside activities is to pick flowers. Fistfuls of them. Clover, dandelions and jasmine are his favorites. This often leads to the making and wearing of flower jewelry, which is fitting because G loves to wear his beads.

These days, Guthrie loves to pray, or as he says it, "Day, day!" At every meal that we sit down together, at night before bed and sometimes just randomly, Guthrie insists that we pray. He holds out his hands to be held, squeezes his eyes shut and shouts, "all done!" after someone says amen. Oftentimes we'll say multiple prayers at dinner upon his insistence.

G likes to "back in" to our laps when getting ready to read. He'll fetch a book, turn around and back into us from as far as five or six feet away. It's too funny- sometimes almost find ourselves beeping like a big truck in reverse when he's in the act.

Guthrie likes to hold hands. He'll sometimes grab one of ours when walking outside or from one room to another in the house.

Lately, at night, he can't get enough kisses before bed. This delights both Bri and I because he was a late bloomer on kissing (he would offer his forehead when asked for a kiss). Now G wants numerous kisses on the lips and wants to kiss our cheeks and have his kissed before he gets in bed.

G really enjoys playing with Sammy recently. When Sammy is playing on the floor, Guthrie will gently sit next to him and say, "bye bye Mama" because he wants me to leave the room and let them play alone.

Oh yeah. He's also made of worms, snails and puppy dog tails!