Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pure genius!

I've been meaning to post this for sooooooooooome time now and have been such a slacker! A while back, blogger and potter-turned-ridiculously-amazing-sewer friend Jessa (mama to adorable Amos and Eli) sent us a sweet package in the mail: two pairs of her wonderful handmade cords! amongst other goodies. We are so delighted to have them- they fit the boys perfectly. The pants also have a cute owl appliqued on each butt. So basically, even though it's already summer-like down here in NC, whenever the temperature dips below 70 these suckers are on the boys!

If you would like a Jessa creation of your own, check out her Etsy site here. Thanks Jessa!


Jessa said...

Aw thanks man! Those boys look simply smashing in their cords (and everything else they wear).

Thanks for the thanks! I love my owl plate and wall piece too! One graces my living room and one is showcased in the studio (saying it like that makes my apartment sound big - trick is, the living room and the studio are actually the same room).

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